Performance Work

I am Cereal Killer!


Current Projects

Show Title: Just call me, Caryn! One Mans obsession with A Goldberg.

A Two person show looking at the paths in Two peoples lives and how they cross, or seem to.


Previous Work

Show Title: WORD @ The Duplex, New York.

This was a Spoken Word monthly event that I hosted in 2017.


SHOW TITLE: This isn’t a gift: it’s just the way I’m feeling!

The show toured the country for 12 dates taking in London, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Cornwall.


SHOW TITLE: Kweer Kernow

This was an ongoing year long project that happened in 1999.


SHOW TITLE: My Life is a Lesbian Wedding

COMPANY: Poetic Justice @ the ICA, the Mall.

This single performance show was a good opportunity for me to concentrate on the performance than the business side of performance world. I was commissioned by The Pride committee based in London. This happened in 2000.


SHOW TITLE: I’m Bored: Be Afraid (Written by Mark Wallis)

This show toured through 2004 but performed mostly in London.


SHOW TITLE: (Single book reading)

COMPANY: Polari @ the South Bank Centre, National Theatre.


Members of the press (including BBC) were in attendance and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by them.


Book: This isn’t a gift: It’s just the way I Feel! (2010)

Information: I worked with photographers for graphics and a designer for layout of the book. I also was able to get the book into outlets around the world. The first version of this book (a limited release of 150) was an opportunity to see how my work would be received as a book.

CD: Charity project (2011)

Information: This was a limited release charity project for Terrence Higgins Trust.  This self-produced cd was a 5 track spoken word project for charity; it got my name as a performer further out into the world. The money raised went 100% to charity, wherever the cd was bought the funds stayed in that country.

Book: Collection of Dildos on my shelf (2012)

Information: This collection was produced as a mainly website mailing list  project with it going into a small number of shops and sold via the national barcode  system.

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